Mitigate Risk. Stay Resilient in the Face of Inevitable Challenges.

Successful companies today understand that risk management is an essential part of operations. Business resilience can mean the difference between life and death in the face of adversity—on any scale—in today’s competitive environment.  Identifying steps to recognize and reduce risk should be bolstered with continuity plans that take into account all aspect of your current operations, management plans and security measures. That’s our specialty here at NTI. The benefits of working with NTI’s world class security and risk management consultants extend beyond just mitigating risks. They contribute to the sustainability of your business and ensure the health, safety and security of your team members, customers and the global community at large. 

Experienced Enterprise Risk Management Professionals

Drawing on more than 20 years of international security and risk management experience, we work closely with you to understand your business, uncover potential exposure and develop plans to reduce operational risk and build resiliency. Working with a variety of verticals including energy, transportation, military, private sector industries and humanitarian efforts, we operate with a strong vision to integrate cutting edge technology and world-class technology to create a safer, healthier and more humane world. Though they are all based on a proven risk management framework of best practices, no two risk management plans are alike. We take into account your specific current and future needs, as well as operational concerns, future opportunities/risk and much more when developing a customized plan to protect your business and take operations to the next level.

Reduce Risk. Plan for the Unexpected. Protect What Matters Most.

In this day and age, every business faces risk to their operations, assets and personnel. It’s a nearly unavoidable fact no matter what industry you serve.  An investment in professional risk management consulting is an investment in the future sustainability of your organization. Our qualifications, integration expertise and dedication to this work sets us apart from competitive firms and provides our clients with exceptional service based on past success with:

Risk Management Consultation—Through deep understanding and thorough discovery of your current situation, we make expert recommendations for key improvements.

Risk Mitigation Planning

We help you uncover potential liabilities, safety risks and other areas where you may be exposed in order to develop customized plans to sure up all aspects of your organization.

Business Continuity Plans

When you’ve experienced a set-back, we help you put plans and policies into place to get you back on track and stay in compliance.

Reduced Theft

Risk mitigation planning is a great way to increase your bottom line and reduce loss.

Increased Security

Protect what matters most to your company—team members, customers, assets, profits and future sustainability.


  • Threat Risk Assessment
  • Physical Security Design
  • Organizational Security and Contingency Plans
  • Executive Protection
  • Due Diligence
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Security Training

Some of the Industries NTI's Experts have serviced

  • Resource Sector
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Insurance
  • International Non-Governmental Organizations/United Nations